The nonprofit Association for Promoting Quality in Education and Training for Inspection Engineers (VFIB) was founded in 2008 and is based in Bonn, Germany.
VFIB is a nationally recognized organization that provides continuing education and training activities for inspection engineers according to provisions of the German Standard DIN 1076. It also has established continuing education requirements, set training standards, and created standardized courses as measurements and marks of quality assurance for lifelong-learning activities in this special field. These courses and their content are continuously updated to the latest professional standards.
The focus of VFIB is to provide training and qualification activities for inspecting engineers nationwide. It coordinates four training locations in Germany that offer special training courses.
After fulfilling all prerequisites by attending seminars and practical sessions within a training program over five days, participating engineers have to pass a final examination in order to be certified. Certification is valid for six years and serves as nationally uniform qualification assurance for contractors. The names of all current certificate holders as well as those member organizations with VFIB-certified employees are published on the VFIB homepage.

Currently, full members of VFIB include the Federal Republic of Germany, all 16 federal German states, nine federal chambers of engineers, and three nonprofit training centers. Associate members include municipalities, consulting engineers, associations, and private individuals.